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Aussie Rock’n News : Offshore SHARKnet v.P3 Shreds 2016 Australian Hacks HackersCompany Payroll !

RAAF BASE WILLIAMTOWN, Australia – It's a long way to the top if you want to rock'n roll. Congrats to Australia on the upgrade and increased reach of defensive capabilities and situational awareness with first delivery of the F-35A fighters. The F-35 replaces nothing because it changes everything...for $ 125 M Australian Dollars a copy. Sixty nine more to go ! SMC continues to work with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as the F-35 program industry leader and Original Equipment Manufacturer in Australia, providing unparalleled experience, expertise and success in leading the design, production and security of the F-35 weapon system through SHARKnet.  SMC is proud to have played a big role in the win twenty years ago, and the subsequent engineering evaluation of this legendary aircraft program.  To the brave pilots charged with keeping the birds happy and airborne at a proposed $ 25,000 USD per flight hour. Godspeed !   Have a G’day and Fly High !

- Alexander Kanellakos, Pres & CEO    =>   Read Full Article

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FOLLOW THE BLACK COW ! – Spartan Metallurgical Company (SMC) was founded at San Jose State University in 1984 by Alexander Kanellakos, a fellow student and a Chair from the Material Science and Engineering Department. The company focused on developing commercial, industrial, and government aerospace related custom and ultra high-purity alloys and semiconductor grade metals and semiconductors. Because SMC uses raw materials and precious metals in many applications, we also work and invest in the commodities metals and bullion distributors to maintain price control and hedge investments when appropriate. Past proprietary products developed for customers include peritectic ternary alloys, sputtering bimetallic targets for semiconductor processing, amorphous silicon solar cells, non-stick tetra-titanium oxide cooking surfaces, aerospace, habitat self regulating heat pipe and cooling hardware, thick film

hybrid ceramic and ballistic substrates, ultra high purity metals, and ceramic chemical powders. Since its formation, SMC has branched out into other lucrative engineering fields and facilities development.such as: • Mining and Refining • Aerospace / Aviation Test • Research and Development • System Safety Engineering • Defense Contractor Oversight  • Materials. Minerals and Resources • Performance and Government Bonds • International Trade and Worldwide Finance • Other Government and Commercial Services  • Precious Metals Investing Advice and Research • Emerging Materials and Processes Development  ~~~

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F-35 Lightning II Fighters Arrive Down Under !

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